The Hawkes Family Tree

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The Hawkes Family Tree

          George Hawkes

   Bapt  April 23rd 1808

   Bur June 22nd 1836  at



          Eliza Barwick

   Born 1804 in Ireland

   Bur March 27th 1871

               at Finedon

Dec 28th 1828 at Finedon

             Keziah Barwick

      Bapt May 22nd 1828 at


       Died April 1913  at



                 Edwin Gee

   at the Parish Church of

 All Saints  Northampton

           Sept 3rd 1858

              Robert Hawkes

           Bapt Oct 30th 1830

           Bur  Nov 17th 1875

                at Finedon


Chart 16A

                 Eliza Hawkes

            Bapt May 10th 1833

            Bur March 1912


 [1] William York

         Born 1831 at Finedon

         Bur Aug 7th 1862 at


   Dec 26th 1858  at Finedon

[2] George Munns

        Born 1828 at Finedon

         Died March 1892 at


     Sept 1872 at Finedon

           Joseph York

          Born 1860

          Died  1931


     Sarah Benford

       Born 1860

       Died 1936

 March Qtr 1890

  William York

   Born 1862

   Died 1935


  Priscilla Allen

  Born 1866

  Died 1947

                Joseph Hawkes

         Bapt June 18th 1835

         Bur May 7th 1887 at



           Sally Smeathers

         Born 1836 at Finedon


      April 11th 1855 at Finedon


Last Updated 20/07/2018

William Henry York

 Born 1891


Joseph Wytcherley York

Born April 13 1893


       Frederick Edward York

       Born 1895


Florence Betty York

Born 1897


 Horace Harold York

  Born 1899

  Died 1981

     Sidney York

     Born 1896


 Edith Benford

 Born 1887