The Hawkes Family Tree

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                                  John Hawkes

                    Bapt October 30th 1765 at Kettering

                    Bur October  30th 1845  at Finedon


                                         Ann Grey

                     Bapt  June 1st 1766 at Finedon

                     Bur Oct 10th 1847 at Finedon

                       May 29th 1792 at Finedon

Mary Hawkes

Bapt May 4th 1792

Bur Jan 6th 1882


   Joseph  Hawkes

         Born 1793

Edmund Hawkes

Bapt Oct 29th 1795

Bur  Oct 15th 1808

William Hawkes

Bapt July 5th 1798

Bur  Sept 16th 1799

       Anne Hawkes

Bapt  Sept 10th 1800

Bur March 1887

Chart 12A Chart 12B

 Thomas Robert Hawkes

 Bapt Oct 28th 1802

 Died Oct 31 1891 at



Chart 15

William Hawkes

 Bapt  Sept 28th              1804

 Bur  Dec 22nd


Elizabeth Hawkes

Bapt  Nov 12th


Burn Nov 29th


           George Hawkes

   Bapt  April 23rd 1808

   Bur June 22nd 1836  at



Chart 16 

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