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Elizabeth Hawkes

Born May 13th 1629

Thomas Hawkes

Born Nov 19th 1631

Died Dec 22nd 1695

         William Hawkes

       Born Oct 19th 1634

 Died March 3rd 1707/08

   Anne Hawkes

  Born June 1639

  Died Nov 11 1714

John Hawkes

Born Sept 26th 1642

Died April 11th 1717

    Mary Hawkes

Born April 13th 1646


Timothy Hawkes

Born Abt 1610


      M [1] Anne Oliver

        Born Abt 1610

   Died Jan 11th 1636/37

  Sept 7th 1628 at Little           Addington

             M [2] Amy Swinsey

          Born 1603 at Burton  Latimer


         April 4th 1648 at St Peter’s

         Church Northampton  by Licence

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The Hawkes Family Tree

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