The Hawkes Family Tree

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The Hawkes Family Tree

                 Richard Hawkes DSC RN

 Born Dec 26 1869  at Wellingborough

 Died  Dec 3rd 1946 at Portsmouth


                   Amy Alice Hill

        Born 1875 at Portsmouth

   Died Sept 3rd 1956 at Portsmouth

   Aug 31st 1893 at  the Parish Church

               of St Paul’s Southsea

Amy Alice Hawkes

      Born 1898

      Died 1977

    Lillian May Hawkes

    Born June Qtr 1901


  Charles H Pickering

        June Qtr 1928

    Evelyn Victoria Hawkes

     Born March Qtr 1903


     Frederick D Langlois

        March Qtr 1929

    Marjorie Rose Hawkes

   Born  June Qtr 1905


      Edmund H O’Neill

          June Qtr 1939

Alma Gwendoline  Hawkes

 Born  Aug 8th 1907

    Died Dec 1985

Richard Christian Hawkes

    Born  Dec  23rd 1910

       Died  May 1998


        Mabel N Haggar

         Dec Qtr 1934

     Norman Harold Hawkes

     Born March 1st 1913

            Died June 1986


          Winifred A Hall

        Born April 13th 1913

           Died  Sept 1979

              June Qtr 1936


Last Updated 07/02/2019