The Hawkes Family Tree

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The Hawkes Family Tree



                                                                                                 William Hawkes Blacksmith

                                                                                           Born Oct 19th 1634 at Little Addington

                                                                                 Died March 3rd 1707 at Chelveston Cum Caldecott


                                                                                                          Elizabeth Ridge

                                                                                           Born May 13th 1632 at Odell Bedfordshire

                                                                                     Died Oct 14th 1719 at Chelveston Cum Caldecott

                                                                               April 1656 at Burton Latimer in the Church Porch Door



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Born Abt 1670

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Died April 1st 1747                                                      

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   William Hawkes

Bapt March1656/57

     At Nassington

                                                                                        Thomas Hawkes Blacksmith

                                                                                                   Born abt 1660     

                                                                                                Bur June 13th 1747

                                                                        at Newton Bromswold


             (1) Keziah Feary                                                                                                            (2)   Sarah Chapman

         Born Nov 18th 1660 at Raunds                                                                       Born Oct 17th 1714 at Newton Bromswold                     

         Bur March 27th 1721 at Chelveston Cum Caldecott                                Bur Feb 14th 1746 at Newton Bromswold

         Daughter of Samuel and Jane Feary of Raunds                                        Daughter of  William and Sarah Chapman

          Sunday May 5th 1695 at Higham Ferrers                                                    May 21st 1730 at Newton Bromswold


Edmund Hawkes Blacksmith

        Born Abt 1670

         Died April 1st 1747  

       at Grafton Underwood

Elizabeth Hawkes

Born abt 1697


John Hawkes

Born abt 1696

Bur July 13th 1787 at

Chelveston Cum Caldecott

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